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Shelving rack supported mezzanine in Federal Government Warehouse

Pallet Rack / Shelving Supported Mezzanines

Pallet Rack Shelving Catwalk Systems

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Pallet rack / shelving supported mezzanine systems, sometimes referred to as catwalk systems, are high bay pallet rack shelving or racking with walkways built above the floor in the aisles. This type of mezzanine system facilitates hand loading / unloading systems or pick modules where workers will be picking less than pallet loads from the pallet rack shelving or rack.

Pallet Rack Supported Mezzanines

A pallet rack supported mezzanine utilizes overhead space for shelf storage without the need of a structural mezzanine system. The heavy duty racking or shelving becomes the structural support for the catwalk floor system. This type of shelf storage is much more economical than a free standing mezzanine with bin shelving units installed above and below the mezzanine floor while still offering the increased storage capacity.

American Warehouse Systems has decades of experience implementing
pallet rack/shelving supported mezzanines. Our design experts can analyze your application and find an application specific solution for you.

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