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Eagle Lock selective teardrop rack, uprights and beams

Selective Pallet Rack Systems

Selective Pallet Rack Systems come in 2 types of standard warehouse rack:

Teardrop Style Rack: easy to install, cost effective and convenient for easily adjusting beam height. Buy Teardrop Pallet Racks now!

Structural Rack Systems: used for high bay applications and have a greater weight bearing load capacity.

Teardrop Style Pallet Rack

Teardrop Style Pallet Rack:
Simplest form of pallet rack storage and the lowest cost per pallet position.

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The beams on teardrop style pallet rack can be easlily adjusted to accomodate various pallet sizes which makes the teardrop style rack the most convenient for warehouse applications that require a wide array of pallet load sizes.

Our exclusive brand, Eagle Lock Selective Pallet Rack, utilizes a closed tube construction resulting in a 20% stronger upright frame. Our extra strength translates to a considerable reduction in pallet rack repair and thus lower operating costs. In large storage aid facilities and defense distribution depots this savings can be tremendous.

The Eagle Lock Teardrop Pallet Rack System is not only very cost effective but they are also easy to install and are interchangeable with most teardrop pallet rack systems in use today. We can design and manufacture Eagle Lock Teardrop Style Pallet Rack for all seismic zones worldwide.

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Structural Pallet Rack

Structural pallet rack systems:
Beams are attached to the uprights with bolts which provide a greater weight-bearing capacity.

Structural pallet racks are generally used in high bay storage systems (applications where the ceiling is 20 feet or higher), rack supported mezzanines or rack supported buildings.

Structural racking integrated into high capacity pick modules or automated storage and retrieval systems are capable of greatly increased loading capacities. The structural pallet rack is stronger and much heavier than it's roll formed counterpart thus virtually eliminating damage from forklifts.

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