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Rail & Wire Guidance Systems For VNA Forklift

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Narrow aisle and very narrow aisle (VNA) automated guided vehicle mobile equipment are designed to operate in aisles with little free space between the vehicle and the racking system. Optimum speeds can only be maintained if the operator is free to concentrate on the lift and direction functions. Steering controls within the aisle are generally controlled by one of two guidance systems; rail guidance via equipment mounted guide rollers and rails mounted within the aisle or wire guidance via vehicle electronics and floor embedded wire.

Rail Guidance

Rail guided systems are a method in which a piece of mobile equipment (generally a forklift or AGV) travels between rails mounted on both sides of the working aisle. A set of guide rollers are mounted on the order picker lift trucks maintain the path. The steer wheel is centered electronically in order to prevent oscillation back and forth between the rails; entry guides assist the operator to enter the aisle and optical sensors provide automatic aisle identification - releasing optional travel and hydraulic functions.

Wire Guidance

In the wire guided system a small 1/8" wide x 3/8" deep groove is cut in the middle of the working aisle.  A flexible and durable wire is embedded in the floor and sealed with epoxy. The wire is installed as a loop with a connection to a Line Drive Unit (LDU) which sends a low voltage frequency along the wire. A fixture mounted on the vehicle senses the magnetic field created by the wire and utilizes this field to steer the vehicle.

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