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Pallet Racking System Accessories

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American Warehouse Systems carries all ancillary products and warehouse rack accessories to complete your project.

Pallet Rack Wire Deck Close-up

Pallet Rack Wire Decks

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Wire Decking provides safe "flow through" decks for any pallet rack system. Our wire decks come in standard sizes for quicker delivery. In addition, we can provide any custom size wire decks for non standard pallet rack systems. We offer either galvanized finish or powder coat finish.

Pallet Rack Post Protector

Pallet Rack Post Protectors

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Post Protectors offer the much needed protection from warehouse vehicles. A loaded rack system with damaged uprights not only causes a grave safety issue but can also mean thousands in repair labor. A simple and inexpensive post protector can eliminate the need for constant rack repair and replacement. American Warehouse Systems offers post protectors in many sizes and configurations.

End of Aisle Pallet Rack Upright Protector

End of Aisle Upright Protector

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Pallet Rack uprights are also susceptible to damage on the end of the aisle. Warehouse vehicles and floor stacked pallets often cause problems in this area. Our End of Aisle Upright Protector is an inexpensive solution to the problem of end of aisle pallet rack damage.

Rigid Wire Rack Back Protector

Pallet Rack Back Guard

Our WireCrafters Pallet Rack Back Guard is the number one solution to product containment in traffic aisles. Pallet Rack Back Guard protects personnel and equipment from falling material. This rigid system contains the material to the pallet storage position providing a no mess solution to accidental mishandling.

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