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  1. Modular Office shall be a custom designed system by an established firm specializing in modular offices such as American Warehouse Systems.
  2. Modular Building design firm shall be a member in good standing with the International Code Council to ensure code compliance and the highest level of structural safety.
  3. Final design shall be approved by a licensed professional engineer.
  4. All finished materials will be made in the United States of America to ensure the highest quality.
  5. All projects shall come standard with engineered drawings that will meet customers approval before any fabrication begins.
  6. Modular building structure shall come standard with a five year warranty.


Wall Panels:
Panels will be 3" thick painted vinyl-clad 1/2" gypsum laminated to both sides of an expanded polystyrene core. Panels are easily removable without disturbing adjacent panels, roof decking or acoustical ceiling, and are interchangeable with either door or window panels. Panel size will be 44-7/8" by 96" inches unless otherwise indicated on drawings.

Wiring Posts:
Wiring posts will be 16-guage painted steel. All posts act as a wiring chase on both sides, and have friction fit cover plates to allow easy access for electrical, telephone wires, computer cables, etc. Four piece wiring posts allow entire system to be of non-progressive design. For load-bearing roofs and two story applications, the wiring posts act as support columns. (20 gauge economy wall system also available for non-load bearing applications)

Switch(es), duplex and air conditioner outlets will be provided in accordance with standard layout. Lighting fixtures will be 2X4 lay-in troffer type, 4-bulb with T-8 ballast. A circuit breaker panel with breakers will be sized to meet the buildings requirements. Note: wire, bulbs and runs for light fixtures in plenum above the ceiling are to be furnished by others. Low voltage outlets for computers, telephones and intercoms are available. Modular "plug and go" wiring is also available if required.

Roof Deck:
Roof deck will be painted 22-gauge corrugated steel, 1-1/2" deep and cut to length for easy installation.

Standard door will be 3070 x 1-3/4" steel, fully insulated, painted black, with Sweep. The doorframe is 16-gauge painted steel and includes 1-1/2" pair of Hinges with key-in knob lockset included.

Acoustical Ceiling:
Ceiling will be acoustical grid type, including white metal grid, hanger wire and 2' X 4' white lay-in mineral fiberboard ceiling tiles, 5/8" thick. (UL Class 1)

Floor track will be formed 24 gauge steel. Finish base molding will be black vinyl, furnished in 12' lengths. Pre-formed outside corners are included.

Glass will be 1/4" thick tempered, safety glass, pre-mounted in an aluminum window Frame. Windows will be located 43 1/2" from the floor and will be 37" in height by full panel width. The door light will be 1/4" tempered safety glass.

Load Bearing Roof:
If specified a load bearing roof can be provided. Roof shall be built with a design live load capacity of 25psf or 125 psf. 25psf shall be referred to as a "walk load roof" and 125 psf shall be referred to as a "storage load roof". Standard sub flooring is 20 ga. Roof deck with a finished floor of ResinDek LT. Stairs and handrails shall be provided where needed according to the American Mezzanine Systems specifications.

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