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Steel mezzanine beam construction design viewed under the mezzanine system.

Storage Mezzanines: A Guide

Purchasing warehouse and steel mezzanines.

Please read the following warehouse mezzanines purchasing guidelines as well as mezzanine system design specifications to ensure a safe, smart storage equipment investment.

Fully Engineered Systems

Your storage mezzanines supplier should have at least one full-time Professional Structural Engineer on staff. Ask if he/she supervises all mezzanine design. You will be surprised how many companies don't engineer their storage mezzanines designs.

Confirmed Certified Welders for Steel Mezzanines

All steel fabrication work on steel mezzanines should be performed by confirmed certified welders. A steel mezzanine's system failure could spell disaster for you. Make certain all steel fabrication work is done by professionals.

Built to Code

ICC is the organization that authored the International Building Code (IBC).  American Warehouse Systems is a corporate member of the ICC. It's hard to believe, but there are still mezzanine "fabricators" that don't build their steel mezzanines to code. If you are unlucky enough to purchase one of these mezzanines, you could face fines and/or be forced to remove the structure from your facility. Even worse you could have a failure and personnel could be seriously injured or killed. If you are in doubt, please ask for code confirmation in writing; it's for your protection.

Warehouse Mezzanine Experience/Past Performance

Warehouse mezzanines are mostly custom designed products so every application varies. American Warehouse Systems is the largest supplier of storage mezzanines to the Department of Defense. Ask all prospective mezzanine suppliers the number of floor systems they have sold in the last 12 months. Some dealers sell one a year if they are lucky! A reputable warehouse mezzanine fabricator should be able to supply you with at least three satisfied customers within the last few months.

Steel Mezzanines: The Lifetime Warranty

A credible storage mezzanine supplier will issue a warranty in writing for their systems. Usually a warranty will be at least five years but some last the lifetime of the mezzanine. Warehouse mezzanines don't have many moving parts to go bad. The only real issues are factory defects and low quality steel and/or engineering / design. Factory defects will be noticed and corrected during installation so why are so many fabricators afraid to offer lifetime warranties?

Please, for your protection, get a lifetime mezzanine warranty in writing before you buy.

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