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Structural Steel mezzanine with conveyor.

Structural Steel Mezzanine

Structural Steel Mezzanine Properties

Understructure of Structural Steel Mezzanines

Hot Rolled Structural I-Beams, Open Web Bar Joists, Tubular Columns, Structural I-Beam Columns

Mezzanine Stairs, Gates, and Handrail

Common Stairs for structural steel mezzanines: OSHA and BOCA.
Common Handrail for structural steel mezzanines: Horizontal 2 and 3 Rail, Baluster Handrail, Solid Panel Handrail.
Common Gates for a steel mezzanine: Lift Out, Swing, and Sliding Gates.

Decking Options for a Steel Mezzanine

Common varieties of decking for structural steel mezzanines: B-Deck and ResinDek, B-Deck and Plywood, Bar Grating, Plank Decking, Concrete and Diamond Plate Steel.

Finishes for Structural Steel Mezzanines

Wet Paint, Powder Coat, Epoxy, Urethane, Hot Dipped Galvanized.

Benefits of a Structural Steel Mezzanine

Structural steel mezzanines allow for a much greater column spacing than any other mezzanine system. Electrical conduit, water pipes etc. can be easily run through open web bar joists. Open web bar joist give a much more "open feel" than standard beams, giving the illusion of more clear height. Structural I-beams can be used to minimize the "deck profile" of mezzanines.

Drawbacks of Structural Steel Mezzanines

Structural steel mezzanines are much heavier than most other systems so will have a higher dead load and a higher floor load. The increased weight will also increase freight cost from factory. Structural steel mezzanines have a rougher finish than any other mezzanine floor system.

For our American Mezzanine Systems brand of structural steel mezzanine floors please visit our American Mezzanine Systems page.

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