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Structural Fiberglass mezzanine

Structural Fiberglass Mezzanine

Properties of Structural Fiberglass Mezzanine Floors

Understructure of Structural Fiberglass Mezzanines

Structural fiberglass shapes that are generally pultruded. Structural fiberglass uses I-beam columns.

Mezzanine Floor Stairs, Gates, and Handrail

Common Stairs for structural fiberglass mezzanines: OSHA and BOCA.

Common Handrail for structural fiberglass mezzanines: Horizontal 2 and 3 Rail. Common Gates for structural fiberglass mezzanines: Lift Out, Swing, and Sliding Gates.

Decking Options for a Structural Fiberglass Mezzanine Floor

Common varieties of decking for structural fiberglass mezzanines: Fiberglass Bar Grating.

Finishes for Structural Fiberglass Mezzanines

Smooth Fiberglass.

Benefits of Fiberglass Mezzanine Floors

Fiberglass mezzanines won't rust or contaminate. They can be immersed in water and easily washed down. Structural fiberglass color won't ever "chip off" because it is molded into the fiberglass.

Drawbacks of Fiberglass Mezzanine Floors

Fiberglass mezzanines are comparative to carbon steel in price, but typically 30-60% lower than stainless steel depending on steel prices. Fiberglass systems have more "give" than steel, and components such as handrails may have a bit of sway.

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