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Cold Rolled Steel mezzanine with conveyor.

Cold Rolled Steel Mezzanine

Steel Mezzanine Floor System Properties

Understructure of Cold Rolled Steel Mezzanines

Sheet metal bent to a c-channel in a break press or roll formed. Tubular steel columns or tapered columns.

Mezzanine Stairs, Gates, and Handrail

Common Stairs for cold rolled steel mezzanines: OSHA and BOCA.
Common Handrail for cold rolled steel mezzanines: Horizontal 2 and 3 Rail, Baluster Handrail, Solid Panel Handrail.

Common Gates for Cold Rolled Steel Mezzanine Floor System

Lift Out, Swing, and Sliding Gates.

Decking Options for Cold Rolled Steel Mezzanines

Common varieties of decking for cold rolled steel mezzanines: B-Deck and Plywood, Bar Grating, Plank Decking.

Finishes for Cold Rolled Steel Mezzanines

Wet Paint, Powder Coat, Pre-Galvanized.

Benefits of Cold Rolled Steel Mezzanines

Cold Rolled Steel Mezzanine floor systems are made from sheet metal so they are much lighter than structural steel mezzanines. Cold rolled steel also has a very smooth finish so they can be easily used in "display" applications or public buildings. Cold rolled steel can be pre-galvanized and this offers a substantial savings over hot dipped galvanized, stainless steel or aluminum mezzanines.

Drawbacks of Cold Rolled Steel Mezzanines:

Cold Rolled Steel Mezzanine Systems are very limited in column spacing, usually 10' - 15' and generally no more than 20'. Cold rolled steel mezzanines can reach all common live load capacities, but are unable to reach the high live loads or heavily concentrated point loads.

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