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Steel Diamond Plate Decking

Diamond Plate Decking - Safety & Durability

Durable Diamond Plate Mezzanine DeckingView Larger Image The most safe and durable mezzanine flooring option is Steel Diamond Plate Decking over B-deck. Frequently used in gate areas where material is transferred by forklifts, diamond plate decking provides maximum wear resistance designed with a diamond embossed pattern for a slip resistant surface.

The mezzanine decking of choice for heavy loads and preventing damage from frequent forklift traffic. The strength of the steel also helps to distribute concentrated loads. Based upon your preference, you can also find steel decking designed without a diamond pattern.

Steel Diamond Plate: extra safety and durability

  • Maximum wear resistance
  • Slip resistant safety surface reduces accidents or possibility
  • Reduces damage to structures from forklift traffic
  • Heavy duty strength for large capacities and frequent traffic areas

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