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ResinDeck Mezzanine Decking

ResinDek® UF Mezzanine Decking - Clear Finish

ResinDek Unfinished Mezzanine DeckingView Larger Image ResinDek® UF is an unfinished, lighter duty mezzanine floor panel that offers an economical and durable alternative for distribution centers and warehouses.

Virtually the same cost or less than plywood or OSB. Designed with a skid-resistant surface, ResinDek® UF mezzanine panels offer a superior solution for both foot traffic and pallet jack wheels.

ResinDek® UF mezzanine decking panels do not delaminate over time and carry twice the pallet jack wheel loads of plywood and up to 2,000 lbs. of live / dead loads.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about ResinDek® UF Mezzanine Decking. If you would like to speak with a mezzanine systems specialist please call 877-677-9066 or contact American Warehouse Systems for more information.

We also want you to better understand what pricing options you have available, that's why we also provide a quick Mezzanine Request For Quote form for your convenience.

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