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PressLock Bar Grate Decking

PressLock Mezzanine Decking - Reliable & Economical

PressLock Bar Grating For Mezzanine DeckingView Larger Image Take advantage of PressLock Steel Bar Grate Decking for your mezzanine floor to increase ventilation, improve lighting and provide effective fire regulation.

PressLock bar grate decking is made from welded and painted steel bars that can be sized to your capacity requirements and specific material handling needs. The flush top design allows for a smoother rolling surface for push carts and other material transport trucks that are often used in distribution centers and warehouses. This type of bar grate decking is not recommended for applications with small parts or pallet jacks, as parts can fall through the flooring and the uneven surface is rough on pallet jacks.

Bargrating is a reliable and cost-effective option for mezzanine systems flooring compared to other mezzanine flooring alternatives. Gain all the benefits without sacrificing economy.

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