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Aluminum Plank Grate Decking

Aluminum Plank Decking - Strong & Lasting

Aluminum Plank Mezzanine DeckingView Larger Image Aluminum Plank Grate Decking for mezzanines is structurally sound and cosmetically attractive. It's exceptional for applications that require liquid materials to pass through and the ability to outlast harsh weather conditions.

Made from extruded aluminum, aluminum plank grating is non-sparking, non-magnetic, non-skid, and relatively maintenance free. It is highly durable, corrosion resistant, possesses a high strength-to-weight ratio, and has no parts to work loose or splinter to prevent equipment damage or injuries.

Aluminum plank deck surface can be provided unpunched, or with a variety of punch/patterns for the passage of air, light, heat, or moisture. The interconnecting webs offer a flush top walking surface that also provides a smooth surface for rolling equipment.

Common applications for Aluminum Plank Decking

  • Sewage and waste water treatment plants
  • Marine refrigerator (reefer), freezer and cargo-hold flooring market
  • Restaurant storage and food handling services
  • Government, military and material handling applications that must endure harsh outdoor and wet environments

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