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Mezzanine Decking

Sturdy Mezzanine Decking Options

Depending upon your needs, American Warehouse Systems offers a wide range of mezzanine decking types that are built tough and include specific benefits fit for any heavy-duty material handling and military use. If you would like to learn more about each mezzanine decking

ResinDek Unfinished Mezzanine Decking'); ?>View Larger Image

ResinDek Unfinished

ResinDek® UF Mezzanine Decking is an unfinished, lighter duty mezzanine floor panel that offers an economical and durable alternative for distribution centers and warehouses.
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ResinDek Light Duty

ResinDek® LD Mezzanine Decking is a lighter duty, mezzanine flooring panel which offers the durability, showcase appearance and maintainability of the ResinDek line.
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PressLock Steel Bar Grating

Use PressLock Bar Grate Decking for your mezzanine floor to improve ventilation and comply with lighting and fire regulations. Bar grating decking is welded and painted steel bars that can be sized to your capacity requirements.
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Aluminum Plank Decking

As an alternative to bar grating, an Aluminum Plank Decking is structurally sound and cosmetically attractive. Aluminum plank decking is widely utilized on mezzanine systems that must withstand various harsh environments.
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Durable Diamond Plate Mezzanine DeckingView Larger Image

Steel Diamond Plate Decking

The most durable and safe mezzanine flooring option is Steel Diamond Plate Decking over B-deck. Frequently employed in gate areas where material is consistently transferred by forklifts.
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Steel Bar Grate Decking

Light duty Steel Bar Grate Decking is the work-horse of the industrial mezzanine flooring market. Steel bar grating is utilized in a wide variety of material handling industrial applications.
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Please contact American Warehouse Systems any time or call 877-677-9066 to speak in-person with a Mezzanine Systems Specialist to gain more information on what type of decking is right for your mezzanine system.

We also want you to better understand what pricing options you have available, that's why we also provide a quick Mezzanine Request For Quote form for your convenience.

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