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Rivetier Boltless Style Shelving

RiveTier Boltless Shelving

Industrial Rivet Shelving Units

Boltless Long Span Rivet Storage Systems by RiveTier shelving

RiveTier shelving brand is the premier long span boltless storage system designed to easily store bulk items. RiveTier boltless shelving can have uninterrupted spans of 8' without the need for back or side sway braces. RiveTier industrial warehouse shelving combines diverse storage capabilities with cost effective pricing.

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RiveTier Rivet Shelving is the ORIGINAL boltless long span storage shelving.

RiveTier storage units assemble easily and quickly needing only a rubber mallet. There are no cross braces which means you have access to your materials from all four sides of the rivetier warehouse unit.

RiveTier industrial shelving is a boltless bulk shelving system that is 40% less expensive than standard compression clip metal shelving but is capable of storage capacities up to 2400 lbs. a shelf!

Strong - RiveTier boltless shelving can take on your toughest storage jobs. With a weight capacity of more than a ton per shelf, RiveTier adds up to one high capacity shelving system.

Versatile - RiveTier's unlimited flexibility provides a custom-fit for all of your material handling applications. Whether you need storage for shoe boxes, auto parts, clothing, files or film, there's a RiveTier boltless product to fit the job.

Heavy Duty - Long Span RiveTier rivet shelving is the perfect choice when a tough, high capacity warehouse storage system is needed. With uninterrupted spans to 8 feet, RiveTier boltless long span industrial racks provide a simple economical solution to the most difficult storage problems.

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