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Steel Roller Pallet Conveyor in Military Distribution Center

Heavy Duty Pallet Conveyor

Pallet Conveyor

Live Roller Conveyors

The steel rollers on this type of pallet conveyor are generally 2½ inch diameter on 3¼ inch centers. These heavy duty live roller conveyors are integrated in an equally heavy duty steel frame allowing this pallet conveyor system to handle much increased loads demanded by the material size. Chain driven live roller conveyors are often utilized when the boards on the pallet bottom are parallel to the direction of the pallet conveyance.

Drag Chain Pallet Conveyor

As with live roller pallet conveyor, drag chain pallet conveyor is designed with the heavy duty application in mind. Ridged steel conveyor frames are integrated with heavy drag chains to move pallet sized loads. Drag chain pallet conveyors can be configured to allow load pallets to accumulate on the conveyor with zero back pressure. Zero pressure accumulation greatly reduces the likelihood of load collisions which often result in product damage. Drag chain pallet conveyor is commonly used when the boards on the pallet bottom are perpendicular to pallet conveyance. Drag chain pallet conveyors are more suitable than live roller pallet conveyor in handling damaged or irregular shaped pallets.

463L Pallet Conveyor

463L pallet conveyor is specifically manufactured to move the 463L air cargo pallets used by the U.S. Air Force and other air cargo carriers. 463L pallets are much larger and heavier than typical warehouse pallets and thus must be conveyed on extremely heavy duty conveyors. For more information: 463L Pallet Conveyor.

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