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Bar code scanners in high speed distribution center

Conveyor Controls

Conveyor Systems

Controls and Software for Conveyor Systems

Conveyor controls are the operating system of any conveyor configuration. Controls can consist of software modules, scanners, bar code readers, RFID sensors, emergency stop cords, etc. Without the electronic controls a sophisticated conveyor distribution center is reduced to gravity conveyor and scrap metal.

At American Warehouse System we understand that each conveyor system application is unique and must be designed specifically to the clients needs. Our controls specialists integrate hardware and software controls into each system utilizing decades of integration experience. Our controls are best of breed ensuring the conveyor system components work together to make a smooth, efficient flow from end to end.

Plug and Go wiring is designed with standard control solutions. Plug and go control wiring provides the advantages of network controls with the reliability of hard-wired solutions. The plug and go wiring solution provides quick installation, reduces field wiring costs and provides a quicker, more trouble free startup than conventional wiring.

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