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Optional Products for Conveyor Systems

There are as many different accessories for conveyors as there are different conveyor applications. In many cases, new conveyor accessories are born when a new conveyor design requires something unique. At American Warehouse Systems we rise to greet new ideas and innovations, willing to create custom products to fulfill the system requirements. Below is a listing of some of the more common items integrated into conveyor systems.

Conveyor Accessories

Floor Supports

Conveyor Floor Supports provide a solid, adjustable base for the conveyor modules. Floor supports are orders in customer specified heights measured from the floor to the conveyor surface.

Ceiling Hangers

Ceiling Hangers provide safe and sturdy means of gaining high conveyor elevations. Used when maximum utilization of floor space is needed or when required height exceeds floor support capability. Ceiling Hangers can be supplied with gravity or powered conveyors. It is recommended that guard rails be used on conveyors that are ceiling hung.


Casters are easily bolted to the conveyor supports to make the conveyor a movable application. Steel or rubber wheels are available in swivel or rigid.


Guardrails come in a number of different shapes and sizes. The main purpose of guardrail is to prevent product from falling off the sides of the conveyor. However, sometimes the guardrail may be used to help guide the product.

Package Stop

A package stop is any various devices, either manual or mechanical, used to stop the flow of a conveyor.

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