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463L Pallet Conveyor in Air Force Aircraft

463L Pallet Conveyors

Air Force Conveyor Systems

Heavy Duty Conveyor for Air Force 463L Pallets

463L Pallet Conveyors are designed specifically to handle the 463L pallets - typically stored on 463L Pallet Rack.

Utilized by the Air Force and other air cargo carriers, the 463L pallet conveyor systems are much larger and heavier than a standard pallet conveyor and must be conveyed on an extremely heavy duty conveyor system. The dimensions of a 463L Pallet are 88" wide and 108" in length and they can weigh in excess of 10,000lbs.

463L pallet conveyor systems are often configured utilizing heavy duty conveyor rails, roller conveyor or ball transfer conveyor. In many cases a 463L pallet conveyor system will utilize two or more of these components. This air cargo conveyor system is typically used to store and transfer loaded 463L pallets in a facility or aircraft. A common 463L pallet system will allow the air cargo pallets to be manually pushed into, through, and out of the conveyor system.

The ball transfer conveyor is most often utilized in the system to move the 463L pallets into storage lanes comprised of conveyor rails or gravity roller conveyor. The gravity roller conveyor or conveyor rail lanes are often interfaced with forklifts so pallets may be added or removed from the conveyor system.

463L pallet conveyor systems are usually complex. If you are interested in procuring this type of conveyor system, please send us an e-mail at with information regarding your 463L Pallet Conveyor. Or take a few seconds to fill out a brief 463L Pallet Conveyor quote form and an American Warehouse Systems representative will promptly respond.

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