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AS/RS Systems - Vertical Lift Storage Systems Specifications

Vertical Lift Storage Systems Specs

ASRS - Basic Vertical Lift Storage System Specifications

AW-System's Vertical Lift Storage System is a high density storage unit operating as an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS). Designed for efficiency of space and ease of storage input/output, automated vertical lift storage combines the organization and protection of a modular drawer system with the speed and efficiency of an ASRS.

Vertical Storage Unit Dimensions:

  • Machine Footprint - 69" X 99"
  • Machine Height - 12'-6" to 40' in 6" increments
  • Quick-Ship Units Height - 18', 24'-6", & 31'

Storage Tray Dimensions:

  • Depth & Width - 26.5" X 56"
  • Tray Height - 2"

Load Capacity:

  • 500 lbs. capacity per tray
  • Total storage volume up to 800 cu. ft.

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