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AS/RS Systems - Operation Of Vertical Lift Storage Systems

Automated Vertical Storage System - How Does It Work?

An Automated Vertical Lift Storage System essentially is a stationary shelf, computer controlled, secured access racking system. Materials within the storage unit remain on removable trays upon fixed, secure shelves. The shelves lie upon two stationary storage rack units. Vertical Lift Systems can span up to 40 feet of high density storage making efficient and convenient usage of current space.

Computer Controlled Extractor Lift Platform

The extractor lift platform travels a center shaft between upright towers of stacked trays on the vertical lift storage system. Upon command, the extractor lift platform retrieves the desired tray and delivers it to the operator through an ergonomically designed workstation window.
The removable tray is then pushed out upon the work surface by the extractor bars for easy operator handling. Upon the next command, the extractor bar pulls the tray with materials back in and puts the tray back to it's designated shelf. The end unit workstation height and depth is customizable to fit the operator which reduces fatigue and increases production rate.

High Performance Cable Lift Drive Motor

The automated vertical lift storage system is powered by a fast and quiet cable lift drive motor. The control panel, which houses the motor, is mounted upon slides for efficient access under the workstation.
The first 6 feet of the machine is shipped preassembled in order to simplify installation and ensure quality and integrity of the automated equipment.

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