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AS/RS High Density Vertical Carousel

High Density Vertical Carousels

Vertical Carousel Storage Systems

Vertical carousel storage systems have revolutionized warehousing, materials handling and retrieval times.

Our vertical carousel storage systems offer increased high density storage capacity, reduced retrieval times and bottom-line money savings. Our storage carousels can be configured to either industrial storage or office storage units.

Vertical Carousel Storage Principle

Each Vertical Carousel System is designed according to the tried-and-tested Ferris Wheel Model - The Vertical Carousel Principle.

Vertical carousel's compact design allows up to 60% more storage capacity by making use of the available room height and small footprint.

The vertical carousel's shelves and mechanical parts are geared to the size and weight of the articles to be stored. It is this flexibility which makes the vertical carousel high density storage unit so economical.

Vertical Carousel System Accessories

The wide range of vertical carousel accessories, such as containers, shaped inserts, small-parts trays, cutting tool holders, etc., turns vertical carousels into complete lift logistics systems which save costs, make optimum use of space, boost work efficiency and minimize distribution times.

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