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Benefits Of Automated Small Parts Storage Systems

An Automated Small Parts Storage System will benefit any application with ensured increase in productivity. With a high input/output rate for small parts operations, a production area is faced with many challenges involving security, efficiency, safety and accuracy. In order to accomodate growth and a higher production rate, areas for efficiency must evaluated and initiated. A cost effective way to handle growth and continued efficient productivity for any small parts application is to integrate a modular automated vertical lift system for small parts storage.

Security Of Parts Ensures Expense Reduction

The enclosed design of the vertical lift system is the perfect solution for security issues involving small parts storage. Expense resulting from loss of parts/materials and theft is virtually non-existent with the vertical lift storage system. Workstation windows and access doors are secured through lockable access. Programmable controls enforce restricted access to valuable small parts.

Higher Level Of Efficiency With Organized & Condensed Storage Of Parts

Efficiency in operation and production is maintained through convenient organization of parts/materials. Picking process is at the finger tips of the operator. The small parts storage system will save valuable time by retrieving and delivering parts directly to the operator; eliminating walking and searching through aisles of shelving.

Modular Design Accomodates Growth

An effective small parts storage retrieval system should be able to easily accomoadate growth. Implementing modular vertical lift storage units will only increase in value over time. The small parts vertical lift storage systems are easily integrated into any existing system and can be easily moved about to accomodate different growth phases. It is most convenient to have the ability to place small parts storage units near production lines for and increase in productivity.

Increase In Safety Is A Desired Outcome

End unit workstation height and depth on the small parts storage system is customizable to fit the operator which reduces fatigue and increases production rate. Parts/materials are accessed without any physical labor involved. An increase in safety is the desired outcome with a small parts storage system due to the bulk load of parts management being mechanically handled.

Higher Level Of Inventory & Order Accuracy

Higher level of accuracy in small parts inventory is maintained through the vertical lift environment. Real time monitoring of parts through the small parts storage systems organized process of picking and stocking improves inventory accuracy. Another plus improvement is a more accurate process of order filling. Since parts are computer programmed and pulled from the vertical lift system, it reduces operator error.

Optional high level control vertical lift software allows a more accurate monitoring of small parts/materials picking and stocking. The software also provides part verification and a visual display of tray contents, which increases correct picks.

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