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ASRS Systems - Automated Small Parts Storage Systems

Automated Small Parts Storage Systems Provide Efficient & Quick Retrieval of Parts

The design of a Small Parts Storage System must meet the demands of any application to maximize the efficiency of the operation. For productive input/output rates of small parts, a straightforward automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS system) will maximize storage capacity, increase picking efficiency, and maintain more accurate inventory counts.

With a small parts storage ASRS system, the focus is on bringing the "parts to the picker" rather than wasted time walking and searching many isles of shelf and bin locations. All small parts are merely located with the tap of a finger tip. All parts handling is done in one location while the automated small parts storage system does all the searching and picking.

Small Parts Storage Systems Maximize Space, Accomodate Growth & Increase Productivity

Increasing Benefits With Automated Small Parts Storage

  • Higher level of picking accuracy
  • Higher level of inventory & order accuracy
  • Higher rates of overall productivity
  • Improved ergomics & safety
  • Modular design allows for mobility & growth
  • Results in growing job satisfaction
  • Benefits from growing customer satisfaction

Common Applications For Small Parts Storage

Some common small parts applications include order picking, spare parts consolidation, maintenance repair operations - MRO, kitting assemblies, parts handling, finished product assembly, inventory storage, work in progress - WIP, , and more...

Efficiency with time and space means increased productivity. Optimize work space, increase your productivity, improve efficiency and safety with automated small parts storage systems.

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