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High Density Modular Drawer Storage Towers

High Density Drawer Storage

Modular Drawer Storage Systems

American Warehouse Systems offers high quality modular drawer storage systems. Our modular high density drawer storage systems are designed suit the widest range of applications. Literally thousands of cabinet, modular drawer storage systems and divider combinations allow us to configure the right storage system for your application. High density drawer storage systems are the ultimate in high performance, high density, and manual storage.

Modular drawer storage systems are used extensively in government and commercial facilities requiring high degrees of inventory control. A variety of modular drawer sizes allow inventories of products ranging in size from small hardware to large motor components. Modular drawer storage system is often configured into carts for tool cabinets or flight line tool control.

Our modular drawer storage systems feature heavy-gauge one piece steel cabinet construction, with reinforced cabinet bottoms. Drawers are precision-engineered with tempered steel bearings and a high strength-to-weight ratio. We offer a anti-tip feature to provide added personnel safety in your facility.

Each drawer is fully extendable allowing for fast visual and physical access to modular drawer contents thus increasing storage and retrieval times. Tool cut-outs can be provided with any modular drawer storage system for increased inventory control and flight line safety regulations.

American Warehouse Systems - The Top Material Handling vendor on GSA Schedule 56 in 2012 - Source MHEDA