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2014 Advanced Military Tech - Launching the Largest Destroyer Ship the Navy Has Ever Built

The Zumwalt-class guided-missile destroyer DDG 1000 is floated out of dry dock at the General Dynamics Bath Iron Works shipyard. April 2014, the US Navy launched the largest destroyer ship that has ever been built.  Armed with the most advanced technology and future technology prospects, the 610 ft long x 80 ft wide USS Zumwalt is about 100 feet longer and 20 feet wider than current destroyer ships being used.  The striking tumblehome hull is designed to pierce waves reducing navigation time.   Strategic angle construction of the ship increases evasion of enemy radar by 50% than current destroyers. The advanced technology incorporated into the USS Zumwalt ensures US Navy's dominance far into the future. Armed with advanced technology: Integrated Power System Advanced Gun System SPY-3 Radar MK 57 Launcher Future technology currently being tested and applied: Ocean Drawn Water Fuel Systems Laser Weapon Technology ... Read more
Posted by Amy Juelich on September 9th, 2014 :: Filed under: Blog,Military,Military Technology,Military Weapons,Minneapolis MN 55449

U.S. Army Marksmen Vs. the Smart-Rifle

U.S. Military Begins Testing Smart Rifles U.S Military Begins Smart-Rifle Testing TrackingPoint Inc., which is run by military veterans and creator of the Smart-Rifle, has been claiming that their technology can turn any rookie into a seasoned crack shot. The U.S. Military is now testing out that claim.  The U.S. Army has integrated TrackingPoint's scope and trigger-kit technology into their XM2010 Sniper Rifle. Expert Marksmen Vs. Smart Rifle Testing will determine how typical troops perform using the new technology against expert marksmen using traditional sniper rifles. This technology would not necessarily be used by military marksmen nor will it replace them.  The Smart-Rifle would mainly be used by troops that wouldn't have the sniper training but may still need to perform in that capacity. Jason Schauble, Chief executive of TrackingPoint and honored ... Read more
Posted by Amy Juelich on March 12th, 2014 :: Filed under: Blog,Military,Military Technology,Miltary Weaponry,Smart Rifle