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The FSF-1 Sea Fighter Warship

FSF-1 Sea Fighter, the Navy’s newest warship, is fast, versatile and has unsurpassed capabilities. Weighing in at 950 tons and 262 feet in length, the Sea Fighter can operate in waters as shallow as 11 feet. This is due to its unique design that includes an aluminum catamaran hull, which is basically two hulls connected by a frame. It can reach a top speed of 50 knots, thanks to its powerful waterjet propulsion system. The cargo deck was designed to accommodate many different combat and non-combat missions at a time. The ship can house 12 20-foot mission modules, each of which can be used for a different operation. The vessel can be reconfigured quickly in order to accommodate the current needs of the crew and ... Read more
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American Warehouse Systems Receives Industry Excellence Award

American Warehouse Systems has been awarded the Most Valuable Partner (MVP) award by the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA).  MHEDA is the only trade association dedicated solely to improving the proficiency of the material handling equipment distributor.  American Warehouse Systems has been a member in good standing since 2003 and when the opportunity arose to apply for MVP status we were the first in line (literally). The MHEDA MVP status is not an easy goal to accomplish. Dozens of criteria must be met within five areas of excellence to even be considered. The main areas of focus are; industry relations, customer relations, peer-to-peer networking, training, and best practices.  In addition to reaching all the focus goals, letters of recommendation from customers and suppliers alike ... Read more
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Not to Brag, But... Check Out Our Customer Service

American Warehouse Systems recently completed a mezzanine systems project for a large military base client in south eastern United States.  When the materials for this particular project were in transit and the installation crew was en route to begin installation the improbable happened.  The night before the work was to begin, a severe storm moved through the area and the roof of the facility was literally torn off!  Obviously the customer was quite upset about the situation.  They called us looking for a solution that didn't entail cancelling the contract and losing the project.  At that point in time the customers outlook was very grim. American Warehouse Systems rose to the situation and immediately began working on an acceptable solution for both the end-user and ... Read more
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FIM-92A Stinger Missile

Many times in combat, our soldiers encounter low-flying aircraft. These planes may be conducting surveillance, dropping bombs, or servicing enemy troops on the ground. To help battle these dangerous situations, the FIM-92A, better known as the Stinger Missile, was developed. Weighing in at 35 lbs, this lightweight portable weapon comes with a reusable launcher. This makes it ideal for one person to carry and use, especially since it is a shoulder-launched weapon. Termed a “fire and forget” weapon, the Stinger uses a passive infrared seeker to lock on the heat of an enemy aircraft. Once the target is locked, the soldier can pull the trigger. Once he does this, two things will happen. First, a small launch rocket will shoot the missile out of the ... Read more
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The Abrams M1A2, Versatile Death

As the centerpiece of the military’s armored strike forces is the M1A2 battle tank. Its one mission is to engage and destroy any opposing armored vehicle on the modern battlefield. The M1A2 is one of the best protected main tanks in use today, due to the use of steel encased depleted uranium armor. It is designed to absorb the energy of an impact while preventing penetration into the interior of the tank. The main weapon on the M1A2 is a 120-mm type M-256 smoothbore cannon which is able to fire two types of ammunition: kinetic energy penetrator rounds and high-explosive rounds. The gun is extremely accurate, thanks in part to the advanced digital fire control computer and a gun stabilization platform. These features allow the ... Read more
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