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Benavidez - Hero Defined

Roy P Benavidez was a Master Sergeant with the United States Army from 1952-1976.  He enlisted in the military at age 17 and was eventually assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg.  He is the true definition of an American hero. MSgt Benavidez was deployed to Vietnam twice during his career.  The first time was in 1965, where he served as an advisor to an infantry regiment.  Shortly after his arrival in the war-torn nation, he stepped on a landmine and was evacuated to the United States.  His injuries were so severe that doctors never expected him to walk again.  Fortunately, Roy was a fighter.  Just one short year after his injury, he walked out of the hospital. In 1968, Benavidez returned to ... Read more
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Firearms Preventing Crime

Last month, two criminals tried to rob an internet café.  Luckily for the patrons – and unluckily for the criminals – a citizen was armed and properly trained to use his weapon.  He fired at the criminals, and they quickly left the store before any innocent people were hurt.  He is being hailed as a hero for his quick action. Our second amendment rights state that as American citizens, we have the right to bear arms.  When used properly, this can be a lifesaving decision.  Studies by the government show that a criminal runs away from a citizen displaying a firearm an estimated 500,000 times per year.  On the other end of the spectrum, about 9,500 homicides are committed using firearms each year.  This means ... Read more
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PTSD - Invisible Wounds

We sometimes think the sacrifices of military men and women conclude upon their return home.  Unfortunately for many that’s just not the case.  Too frequently, they end up fighting post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or a similar affliction for years after their deployment ends.  PTSD is a severe anxiety disorder that can result after exposure to a traumatic event and it overwhelms the person’s ability to cope with the situation.  Their are a multitude of symptoms; the most frequent include flashbacks, nightmares and hypervigiliance. In an effort to raise awareness and decrease the stigma associated with veterans seeking treatment for PTSD,  The USO put out a series of videos about invisible wounds.  The video we have included in this post is the story of Eric ... Read more
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Air Cargo 463L Storage System OCONUS

Elevated 463L Pallet Storage System OCONUS American Warehouse Systems was recently contacted by an Air Force base in Germany to help them with a new project.  They had a building that was formerly used as an aircraft shelter and the customer wanted to turn it into a cargo storage area.  They planned to store 463L pallets, which are the Air Force standard pallets used to transport military cargo and can hold up to 10,000 lbs each.  The customer was concerned that offloading would be difficult due to the size and weight surrounding the pallets. Our design specialists worked closely with the customer to come up with a turnkey custom mezzanine with a pallet conveyor that would meet every need the customer had and they were able to purchase the system on ... Read more
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Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen

Everyone has heard of the Navy SEALs and the amazing work they do.  What most people don’t know is the amount of support staff the SEALs require to operate efficiently.  The Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC) is one of the most critical players in helping the SEALs operate.  They operate and maintain an inventory of small craft that are used to support special operations missions. SWCC members are extensively trained in craft, weapons tactics, techniques and procedures.  They are most often used in clandestine infiltration and exfiltration operations – which means they drop off and pick up Navy SEALs on secret missions.  SWCC is able to provide dedicated, rapid mobility in shallow areas of water.  Operators must be physically fit, highly motivated, combat-focused, and responsive ... Read more
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