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Tee It Up For The Troops

tee it up Tee it Up For the Troops is an organization that serves to meet financial and emotional needs of military personnel and their families.  Started in 2005, they have helped countless people.  American Warehouse Systems is proud to support this wonderful organization. This year, American Warehouse Systems is sponsoring West Hole #3 at the local chapter's annual golf outing.  On Thursday, August 15th, we will be at Bunker Hills Golf Club in Coon Rapids, MN.  We sincerely hope you'll join us for a fun day of golf and supporting our troops! Schedule: 10:00 am - Registration opens 11:00 am - Lunch 12:00 pm - Opening Ceremonies 12:45 pm - 18 Hole Scramble 6:00 pm - Reception & Silent Auction 6:30 pm - Dinner If you are interested ... Read more
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"Divots can be replaced. FREEDOM cannot." ™

American Warehouse Systems recognizes and supports Tee it up for the Troops for their efforts to honor the brave men and women who sacrifice their lives for our freedom and safety every day.  This is an organization that truly honors, respects, remembers and supports our brave members of the United States military. How It All Started  When a soldier who enlisted in the U.S. Army after September 11, 2001, was asked by his father what he needed, he replied by asking his father to do something to help the soldiers and their families back at home.  Tee it up for the Troops was created to honor the request of the son.  They serve to recognize the needs of our veterans who have served and continue ... Read more
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Soldier Surprises Daughter at School

9 year old Skylar Johnson hadn't seen her father in several months since Staff Sgt. Therron Johnson had been deployed.  When Skylar's school decided to have a spelling bee, she was surprised that she got picked to participate.  Little did she know, the spelling bee was just a ruse so her father could surprise her.  Check out the video to see the emotional reunion! American Warehouse Systems is proud to support our troops.  God Bless America! Read more
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New "Smart Rifle" Has 1,000 Yard Range

Tracking Point, a company in Texas, has begun selling a new "smart rifle" that allows an inexperienced shooter to hit a target 1,000 yards away.  With a price tag of $27,500, the rifle has a scope allows the shooter to tag the target by marking a red dot on it within the crosshairs.  The rifle will only fire when the crosshairs on locked on the red dot, even when the safety is off and the trigger is pulled. While experienced snipers are often able to hit a target of 1,000 or more yards, this rifle is unique because the scope automatically accounts for distance, gravity, wind speed, humidity and other variables that can affect a shot.  This makes it an extremely accurate weapon. The rifle ... Read more
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D-Day Anniversary

On June 6, 1944 the Allied troops stormed a 50-mile stretch of heavily guarded French coastline.  The goal of the highly complex mission involving 160,000 troops was to gain a foothold in Europe to fight against Hitler's Nazi forces.  5,000 ships and 13,000 aircraft supported the mission.  By the end of the first day of the invasion, the Allied troops had already made a significant impact in Europe. The Allied forces put a lot of work into deceiving Hitler.  The Allies tricked Hitler into believing that the Allies were going to use Normandy as a diversion, while the real target would be the Strait of Dover.  Because Hitler believed this, he refused to send reinforcements into Normandy, which ultimately led to the Allied forces gaining ... Read more
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