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Tires stacked on a pallet in the corner? Creative tire and auto parts storage in Mpls MN 55449

Tire Rack Two Level RiveTier System in Mpls MN 55449 Tires stacked on pallets in a corner?  Can’t see your garage floor?  Things starting to stack up against the wall?  In the automotive industry, creating efficient storage space is always a challenge.  Whether you have a large storage area or modest garage space, RiveTier boltless units solve many basic automotive storage needs in a very creative way.  Stocked locally in the Minneapolis MN 55449 area.  Please contact us with any questions or feel free to give us a call.  763-315-9200 or TF:  877-677-9066 RiveTier boltless units for the automotive industry Easy to put together, easy to take apart, easy to store, and easy to replace.  Plus, you can build just about anything with them.  All you need is a storage challenge, an imagination, and some ... Read more
Posted by Amy Juelich on March 19th, 2014 :: Filed under: Blog,Material Handling,Auto Parts Storage,RiveTier,Tire Storage

Now Hiring New Local Sales Team Members in Minneapolis, MN 55449

Now Hiring Inside Sales Representatives Serving Commercial Clients & the U.S. Federal Government While continuing to serve our commercial clients, American Warehouse Systems primary client base has been the U.S. Federal Government.  In fact, in 2012 AWS was proud to have achieved the #1 Material Handling Vendor for GSA schedule 56. Now Hiring for the Twin Cities, Minneapolis area in Minnesota American Warehouse Systems is now experiencing a large amount of growth from our local clients here in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area.  Currently, we have local representatives who are handling all the sales they can. We are now looking to hire 3 to 6 local representatives in 2014 and looking to fill 3 of those spots now! The new outside sales representatives would become trusted advisors to our clients.  ... Read more

U.S. Army Marksmen Vs. the Smart-Rifle

U.S. Military Begins Testing Smart Rifles U.S Military Begins Smart-Rifle Testing TrackingPoint Inc., which is run by military veterans and creator of the Smart-Rifle, has been claiming that their technology can turn any rookie into a seasoned crack shot. The U.S. Military is now testing out that claim.  The U.S. Army has integrated TrackingPoint's scope and trigger-kit technology into their XM2010 Sniper Rifle. Expert Marksmen Vs. Smart Rifle Testing will determine how typical troops perform using the new technology against expert marksmen using traditional sniper rifles. This technology would not necessarily be used by military marksmen nor will it replace them.  The Smart-Rifle would mainly be used by troops that wouldn't have the sniper training but may still need to perform in that capacity. Jason Schauble, Chief executive of TrackingPoint and honored ... Read more
Posted by Amy Juelich on March 12th, 2014 :: Filed under: Blog,Military,Military Technology,Miltary Weaponry,Smart Rifle

Dear Soldier, my dad was a soldier. He’s in heaven now.

Note To Soldier - Pay It Forward Gold Star Kid 8 year old Myles Eckert has a heart of gold and is a Gold Star Kid.  Myles was only 5 weeks old when his father, Army Sergeant Andy Eckert gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving in Iraq.  All Myles has of his father is mementos, other people's memories and his imagination. “Because he was a soldier, and soldiers remind me of my dad” On Feb 7, 2014, Myles was entering a local restaurant when he found a treasure.  A 20 dollar bill lying on the ground.  As he entered, his eyes rested upon another man in uniform who reminded him of his dad.  He sat down and wrote a heartfelt note to that soldier as a gift along with the $20.  This ... Read more
Posted by Amy Juelich on March 5th, 2014 :: Filed under: Blog,Military,Military Families,Note To Soldier,Pay It Forward

Grab a tissue! Navy officer surprises his 7 year old daughter at football game.

These surprise reunions are very touching as families are reunited with their service member heroes. What I'd like us all to remember is the sacrifice that the families make as well as the military men and women who serve. Remember to thank our military service members for their service, dedication to our country, and their sacrifices. God bless and keep our service members and may we have many, many more joyful reunions with them!     Read more
Posted by Amy Juelich on February 24th, 2014 :: Filed under: Blog,Military,Military Reunion,Military Welcome Home
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