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Landmines; Effective Killers

Landmines are extremely effective weapons, but often come with unintended consequences. A landmine is an explosive device that is triggered with pressure or by a tripwire. Typically they are buried just beneath the surface of the ground. The purpose of a landmine is to disable a person or vehicle that comes in contact with it. There are millions of landmines throughout the world; many of them planted decades ago and their locations forgotten. Mines can remained armed for up to 50 years after being planted, causing injury and death to thousands of people each year. As a result of this tragic consequence, smart mines have recently been developed. These mines automatically become disarmed after a set period of time, making them less harmless to innocent ... Read more
Posted by Mark Juelich on November 2nd, 2011 :: Filed under: Blog,Military

A Very Nice Musket Demonstration

The musket changed how wars were fought around the world. It was an improvement in the quality of weaponry available at the time and had better accuracy. Typically, the soldiers would line up into different formations. Each formation would take a turn firing, and then would spend at least 20 seconds reloading the weapon. While they were reloading, another formation would be firing, so it was a constant attack and more likely to hit the targets. The musket was a useful weapon until the mid to late 1800s, when the rifle replaced it. American Warehouse Systems is proud to be your source for cool military related videos.  Thank you for visiting our blog. Read more
Posted by Mark Juelich on October 26th, 2011 :: Filed under: Blog,History,Military

XM25 CDTE Air Burst Grenade Launcher "The Punisher"

Last year the United States Army introduced a new weapon: the XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement (CDTE) System also referred to as an Individual Semiautomatic Air Burst System. The XM25 is an air burst grenade launcher that uses 25mm grenades. The weapon has a laser rangefinder, which can determine the distance from the soldier to the target. The soldier can adjust the distance by ten feet. Once the target it locked, the weapon automatically sends the distance to the grenade while it is in the firing chamber. The grenade then tracks the distanced traveled by the number of spiral rotations after being fired. Detonation occurs at the proper distance and produces an air burst effect. The features on the XM25 make it a more desirable ... Read more
Posted by Mark Juelich on October 19th, 2011 :: Filed under: Blog,Military

Designing a System From a Clean Slate

The large majority of our projects are in buildings with existing structures and equipment and we need to work around the current layout. On occasion we have the pleasure of getting involved with a customer who is just taking over an empty building. This gives us a clean slate and a great opportunity to use our creative design talents to provide  a new system that is both wanted and needed, without any restrictions on the layout. We had such an opportunity with a Marine Corps base in the southern United States. They were just moving into a new warehouse that was completely empty. The customer contacted us to help them determine what needed to be built and how it should be laid out. We worked ... Read more
Posted by Mark Juelich on October 13th, 2011 :: Filed under: Blog,Material Handling

M777 Howitzer - A Leaner Meaner Fighting Machine

The M777 Howitzer is the successor to the M198 Howitzer and is a 155 mm artillery weapon. In service since 2005, it has been utilized in Afghanistan since 2006 and Iraq since 2008. This powerful weapon uses GPS-guided Excalibur ammunition with an accuracy of 25 miles.  The GPS system not only allows the weapon to locate itself but also locate the target and communicate the coordinates to the crew. The M777 is smaller and 42% lighter than the M198 that it replaces. Weighing in at 9,000 lbs, it can be transported by MV-22 Osprey, CH-47 helicopter or truck with ease. This allows for movement to and from the battlefield with much less work than the M198. The lighter construction allows for considerably more ammunition to ... Read more
Posted by Mark Juelich on October 5th, 2011 :: Filed under: Blog,Military
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