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V-22 Osprey: A Remarkable Aircraft

v-22 osprey The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is an American multi-mission, tilt-rotor aircraft.  It has the capability for vertical takeoff and landing, as well as short takeoff and landing.  The V-22 is designed to merge the functionality of a conventional helicopter with the long range, high speed cruise performance of a turboprop aircraft. The United States Marines and United States Air Force have been using this incredible aircraft since 2007 after spending 18 years in testing and receiving design modifications.  It has one 3-bladed proprotor and a turboprop engine mounted on each wingtip.  During takeoff and landing, the V-22 typically operates like a helicopter.  Once it’s airborne, it flies like a more fuel efficient, higher speed turboprop aircraft. Both engines in the Osprey are Rolls-Royce AE 1107C, ... Read more
Posted by Amber on February 27th, 2013 :: Filed under: Blog,Military

High Density Storage Solution for Low-Ceiling Medical Warehouse

VA Medical Center - Pick Racking THE CHALLENGE • Government Medical Center warehouse with low ceiling height • Needing to store several hundred pallets with manual carton picking A Government Medical Center recently contacted us for some help with a storage problem. They had very low ceiling heights in the warehouse and needed to store several hundred pallets. Along with the pallet storage, they also requested an area for manual carton picking. Due to low ceiling heights, they had no clear-cut solution to their problem. Fortunately, this is exactly the type of project American Warehouse Systems loves to take on. THE SOLUTION • Carton Flow, Pallet Flow and Push Back Racking to provide High Density Storage • Providing ability to manage inventory with designated shelf life, reduce inaccuracies in shipping, and ... Read more
Posted by Amber on February 22nd, 2013 :: Filed under: Blog,Material Handling

M50 Reising Submachine Gun

M50 Reising Submachine Gun The M50 Reising was a submachine gun that was manufactured and used during WWII.  It was primarily used by the Navy, Marines, and the Coast Guard, although some M50s were shipped to the allied forces to fight against the Axis powers. This weapon was designed as a compact lightweight semi-automatic carbine that was also capable of fully automatic fire.  When on fully-automatic mode, the M50 could fire 750 rounds per minute.  It was issued to the military as an alternative to the Thompson submachine gun, which was heavier and much more expensive. The M50 was quite accurate due to its better stock fit and intricate closed bolt, delayed blowback design.  However, the firepower was limited due to the 20-round capacity of its largest magazine. The ... Read more
Posted by Amber on February 13th, 2013 :: Filed under: Blog,Military

Advanced Bomb Suits: Saving Lives Everyday

EOD bomb suit If you've seen any recent movies about the military or wars, you've probably seen the Advanced Bomb Suit (ABS).  The ABS is a full body protective ensemble that shields its user from threats associated with disassembling IEDs.  The most common user is the Explosive Ordinance Disposal team, which specializes in assessing and neutralizing highly explosive devices.  The suit can protect against fragmentation, blast overpressure, impact, heat and flame. The Advanced Bomb Suit is constructed from Kevlar and includes a jacket, crotchless trousers, groin cup, and rigid ballistic panels.  Protection is provided at various levels based on injury susceptibility.  This allows the suit to be lighter and have maximum flexibility. The helmet offers protection against fragments with velocities of over 683 m/s.  It is ergonomic, allowing for ease of movement ... Read more
Posted by Amber on February 6th, 2013 :: Filed under: Blog,Military

Military Veterans Rescue Man During Robbery

Earlier this month in Cincinnati a man had just finished withdrawing money from an ATM when he was attacked by a robber.  Luckily, two men saw the attack and came to his rescue.  However, these weren’t just any men - they were veterans of the United States military.  David Hale and Chad McClain both served in the Armed Forces, but were strangers before this incident The two men wrestled the victim free from the attacker.  Mr. Hale stayed with the victim while Mr. McClain chased the assailant, cornered him, and kept him there until police arrived.  While many in Cincinnati are hailing the veterans as heroes, they said they were just doing what anyone would do.  Thanks to their assistance, the police apprehended the criminal ... Read more
Posted by Amber on January 30th, 2013 :: Filed under: Blog,Military
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