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U.S. Army Marksmen Vs. the Smart-Rifle

U.S. Military Begins Testing Smart Rifles

U.S. Military Begins Testing Smart Rifles

U.S Military Begins Smart-Rifle Testing
TrackingPoint Inc., which is run by military veterans and creator of the Smart-Rifle, has been claiming that their technology can turn any rookie into a seasoned crack shot.

The U.S. Military is now testing out that claim.  The U.S. Army has integrated TrackingPoint’s scope and trigger-kit technology into their XM2010 Sniper Rifle.

Expert Marksmen Vs. Smart Rifle
Testing will determine how typical troops perform using the new technology against expert marksmen using traditional sniper rifles.

This technology would not necessarily be used by military marksmen nor will it replace them.  The Smart-Rifle would mainly be used by troops that wouldn’t have the sniper training but may still need to perform in that capacity.

TrackingPoints Smart Rifle

TrackingPoints Smart Rifle

Jason Schauble, Chief executive of TrackingPoint and honored U.S.M.C. combat veteran, stated during a test practice, “I would say we’re at about 70% first-shot success probability at 1,000 yards … with inexperienced shooters.”  That’s almost a 50% increase compared to the success rate of military snipers who typically score at 20-30% on first shot.

Smart-Rifle Facts & Features

  • Shooter is able to hit a target from 1000 yards away – 1st shot
  • Precision guided with Wi-Fi communication capabilities
  • Targets are tagged with a red dot within the crosshairs and will not fire until locked in – even with safety off
  • Scope automatically accounts for distance, gravity, wind speed, humidity and other variables
  • Magazine capacity of five rounds and uses .300 or .338 caliber ammunition

Enhanced Combat Communication
In an article by, Jason Schauble points out a crucial aspect of the rifle that will change military combat communication.  “[Smart] Rifles can communicate with each other,” he said. “We can enable a more information-driven combat in the sense that you can tag targets. You can pass off those targets to someone else with a scope. There’s a whole layer of communication that comes with having a rifle that can designate and track targets.”  read more…

The company plans to expand the use of their technology (along with their image recognition software) to drones, phones and other smart devices.

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