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Tires stacked on a pallet in the corner? Creative tire and auto parts storage in Mpls MN 55449

Tire Rack Two Level RiveTier System in Mpls MN 55449

Tire Rack Two Level RiveTier System

Tires stacked on pallets in a corner? 
Can’t see your garage floor?  Things starting to stack up against the wall?  In the automotive industry, creating efficient storage space is always a challenge.  Whether you have a large storage area or modest garage space, RiveTier boltless units solve many basic automotive storage needs in a very creative way.  Stocked locally in the Minneapolis MN 55449 area.  Please contact us with any questions or feel free to give us a call.  763-315-9200 or TF:  877-677-9066

RiveTier boltless units for the automotive industry
Easy to put together, easy to take apart, easy to store, and easy to replace.  Plus, you can build just about anything with them.  All you need is a storage challenge, an imagination, and some creative planning.  With any given storage need, if we can imagine it, we can build it with RiveTier parts!


We have unique solutions for:
RiveTier Boltless Tire & Auto Storage Solutions in Mpls MN 55449Tire Storage

  • Mobile tire racks
  • Truck tire racks

Storage for Batteries

  • Battery racks

Muffler Storage

  • Exhaust pipe racks

General Auto Parts Storage

  • Boltless shelving units – capacities up to 2500 lbs/shelf

If you don’t see something here that you need, we can most likely make it for you at an economical price.  RiveTier boltless units work almost like Legos.  If you have a need, we have the imagination and pieces to build it.

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