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What type of boltless shelving do I need for light or heavy duty capacity storage in Blaine MN 55449?

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Figuring out which type of boltless rivet shelving is best suited for your needs can be confusing.  I put together a brief list of Questions/Answers that will hopefully provide you with some help in making an easier decision.
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The two most common lines of RiveTier boltless rivet shelving for the purpose of meeting your weight capacity needs are:

  • Long Span for heavy duty storage
  • Low Profile for light duty storage


Heavy Duty Long Span Boltless Shelving by RiveTierQ:  What is Long Span shelving?
A:  Long Span is a higher capacity, heavy duty boltless rivet shelving.
Long Span is mainly used for heavier applications.
Capable of weight capacities up to 2400 pounds per shelf extending up to 21 feet high.

For what type of applications would I use Long Span?

  • battery storage
  • bulky boxes
  • food & beverage
  • automotive parts
  • distribution centers
  • ecommerce
  • educational/library
  • storage
  • health care
  • retail



Q:  What is Low Profile shelving?
Light Duty Low Profile Boltless Shelving by RiveTierA:  Low Profile is a lighter duty capacity boltless rivet shelving.
Low Profile is mainly used for light storage with weight capacities of 350 pounds per shelf.

What is a typical application for Low Profile shelving?

  • office storage
  • office supplies
  •  light garage storage
  • cleaning products
  • kitchen storage
  • small product storage
  • archiving
  • distribution centers


Q:  What is the main structural difference between Long Span and Low Profile?
A:  The only difference between the two types of units are the type of shelf support beams used.

  • Long Span units have four SS beams per shelf – on every shelf – to support heavier storage capacities.
  • Low Profile units have four SS beams on the top and bottom shelf to provide extra stability to the unit.
    Two SSLP beams on all inner shelves provide a lighter duty storage option.


Q:  I bought a Low Profile unit for light duty storage but now I need to store some heavier product.  I need to store up to 800 pounds per shelf.  Do I need to buy a whole new unit?
A:  No.  Simply replace your two SSLP beams with four SS beams and you will have shelf capacities of up to 1000 pounds.
We have all RiveTier components in stock for you to add on to existing units, replace parts, create new runs.  Whatever your needs are you can purchase boltless rivet shelving online or come in to our location to pick up.


Q:  What is the cost difference between Long Span and Low Profile?
A:  The Low Profile is a more cost effective option – saving you up to 20% per unit.
For lighter duty storage, the Low Profile unit is your best bet with cost savings of up to 20% per unit compared to Long Span.
If your storage capacity calls for 1000 pounds per shelf or more, then you will need to go with the safest solution which is the Long Span boltless unit.


Q:  How do I put this stuff together?  What do I need?
A:  All it takes is Two Guys & A Mallet.  Seriously that easy.
Check out our Q&A article on What is boltless shelving?  for some basic component identification and easy installation tips.

Feel free to contact us.  Let us know if you’d like some assistance on how to put together a configuration that will work for you.

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