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What is boltless shelving and where can I buy some? In Blaine, Minnesota 55449

Material Handling Questions AnsweredWhat is boltless shelving, you ask?  And where can I buy some?
Boltless rivet shelving is the most versatile, easy to assemble, strong shelving on the market today.  Boltless rivet shelving is a popular storage option because it’s 40% less expensive than metal shelving but is capable of capacities up to 2400 lbs. per shelf!  You can purchase RiveTier boltless shelving locally at American Warehouse Systems in Blaine MN 55449.
We keep a large inventory in-stock for your convenience.
Contact us at 877-677-9066 or locally at 763-315-9200. We’ll be happy to help you!


RiveTier Boltless Shelving Unit

RiveTier Boltless Shelving Unit

Q:  What makes up a boltless shelving unit?
A:  3 main components are used to create a standard boltless shelving unit.
Shelf Support Beams
It takes four shelf supports to make one shelf.   Shelf supports are made of strong gauge steel for durability.  Each shelf support has 2 welded rivets on each end.  Shelf supports attach to posts which come in many heights.

Post Supports
The posts comprise the main standing support for the unit.  A freestanding unit requires 4 posts.  Standard height of a shelving unit post is 84″.

Shelf Decking Material
RiveTier units have many shelf decking options depending upon your application.  The most cost effective, yet strong, option is particle board.  Other options include wire grating, melamine, and solid steel shelves.


Q:  What would I need to put together a boltless shelving unit that can hold up to 1000 pounds per shelf?
A:  Required components for one 4 shelf – 48″ W x 24″ D x 84″ H – 1000 pound shelf capacity.
These components make up a standard RiveTier Long Span boltess unit.  This is a heavier capacity style.

4 – 07LURH – 84″ post supports

8 – SS48 – 48″ shelf support beams

8 – SS24 – 24″ shelf support beams

4 – 48″ x 24″ shelf decking such as particle board

This 48″ W x 24″ D x 84″ H freestanding unit has a capacity of up to 1000 pounds/shelf.


Two rivets slide into teardrop slots.

Two rivets slide into teardrop slots.

Q:  How do you assemble a boltless shelving unit?
A:  How to assemble boltless shelving – Two Guys & A Mallet
Simply slip the rivets into the slot, give the shelf component a tap with a rubber mallet, and you’ve installed a shelf support!  Add three more supports, and you’ve added a shelf.  The simple design of rivets into teardrop slots allows for easy assembly without the hassle of nuts, bolts or hardware.

You can assemble the shelving units with nothing more than a rubber mallet.  No tools, no nuts and bolts, no cross braces.  Nothing to mess with.  Takes only seconds to put together as seen in our demonstration video: How To Assemble Boltless Shelving – Two Guys & A Mallet


Q:  Is there an assembly technique for boltless shelving?
A:  Yes, there is simple technique that will make your life easier when installing the boltless units.
If you watched our video, you’ll notice that there is a simple technique to properly set up a unit.  Follow these steps for a hassle free assembly.
Note: These steps apply to all sizes of basic freestanding units.

Assemble the upright for the left side of the shelving unit.

  1. First guy holds 2 posts.  This will create your left side upright.
  2. Second guy adds one 24″ shelf support beam a couple of slots down from the top teardrop slot.
    The trick is to hold the support beam at a bit of an angle while sliding into the slots.
  3. Second guy taps the support beam to secure it into the teardrop slot.
  4. Second guy adds one 24″ shelf support beam to the bottom slots of the two posts.
  5. Second guy taps into place.  Left upright complete.
  6. Lean the left upright against a wall.

Assemble the upright for the right side of the shelving units.

  1. Follow steps 1-5 above.

The rest of the shelf support beams will be easier to install now that you’ve assembled the main support structure – the left and right uprights.
Watch the demonstration video for more help – it shows how easy it is to set up these units and provides some insight before you assemble and install.

Feel free to request a quote to see how cost effective these boltless units really are.

Request A Quote - We'll help you get the boltless shelving unit you need.


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