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Top 5 Gifts for Troops this Christmas

A Military Christmas

According to the USO, the Top 5 Gifts for our Troops this Christmas and holiday season are:

1.  Phone calls home
Especially around the holidays, troops deployed across the globe rely on free calls home from USO centers to connect with their family members or just let people back in the States know they’re doing OK.  Find out how you can help keep these phone calls free for America’s troops during the holidays.

2.  Long-distance bedtime stories
The USO’s partnership with United Through Reading’s Military Program allows troops to record themselves reading a book and send that recording to comfort their children back home. Even when their parents are deployed half way around the world, they have a way to see mom or dad every night.  It’s an easy program to support this holiday season.

3.  Comfort food packages
For our service members, some of their fondest memories of home are of great food.  It brings comfort to our service men and women to receive a special food package from people who care and want to show their appreciation.  Find out how to give the cheer of a holiday meal to our troops this season.

4.  The USO Christmas Convoy and holiday boxes
An annual tradition, the USO pushes its Christmas Convoy through the most dangerous spots in the Middle East – where troops have little hope of experiencing holiday cheer – to deliver both presents and messages of thanks.

See the video from the 2012 USO Christmas Convoy below, and learn how you can support that project.

5.  USO2GO Airdrops
Airdrops are an effective way to get the basics out to troops stationed in remote bases in the Middle East.  Watch the video to see how USO2Go operates.  Learn how you can support this program.

American Warehouse Systems is very grateful to and proud of our military.
During this Christmas and holiday season, please join us in supporting them with some comfort through the USO.

God bless America!

USO WishBook - Support Our Troops

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