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Marines Get a Special Welcome Home

marine homecomingRecently, a group of 13 Marines were returning home from a long tour of duty in Afghanistan.  Their journey was making a stop in Chicago at O’Hare International Airport, after five days of traveling to get home to San Diego.  The wife of one of the Marines called the USO lounge in hopes of getting the Marines some real Chicago pizza and champagne, but what happened was much bigger.

The city’s aviation department, fire department, and police department all arrived at the airport to greet the returning heroes.  The fire department sprayed arches of water over the returning plane while the other personnel created a corridor of applause as the Marines got off the plane.  The civilians waiting in the airport joined in, and gave the Marines quite the welcome.

Additionally, the airline has a policy of upgrading military members to first class whenever possible.  The flight to San Diego had 6 first class seats available, which meant that 7 Marines would have to sit in coach.  Upon hearing this, every first class ticket holder on the flight gave up their seats so the Marines could all fly in first class and sit together on the final leg of their journey.

It was a fantastic display of appreciation and gratitude to our service men and women, one that these Marines will never forget.

American Warehouse Systems is proud of our military and is happy to support them.  God bless America!



Posted by on November 14th, 2013 :: Filed under: Blog,Military