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Special Ops - New Battle 'Under' Armor!

DARPA Warrior Web Project | Battle Under Armor

Fatigue & Injury Risk On The Field

Special Operations teams venture out carrying survival and tactical gear crucial to their life and successful operation.  The packs are in excess of 100 pounds or more and are carried over rough terrain for extended periods of time.  This additional weight can increase the risk of injury to the soldiers muscles and skeletal structure.  Most vulnerable are the joint areas such as ankles, knees, hips and lower back.  Exacerbated fatigue is also a common issue with the additional weight.  This can impair the Soldiers’ physical and cognitive abilities during operations and increase the chance of injury.

‘Under’ Armor Developed By DARPA

DARPA, a military organization dedicated to enhancing national security, has initiated the Warrior Web program. They’ve developed an ‘under’ armor prototype that will be used under the battle armor designed by our U.S. Miltary to better protect our Soldiers.  This entire suit has been named TALOS – Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit.  The Warrior Web ‘under’ armor is comfortable, durable, washable and would not interfere with the TALOS body armor or standard issued clothing.

The ‘under’ armor is a type of exoskeleton suit worn at the ankles, hips, knees and upper body.  The suit augments muscle work and increases Soldier capabilities.  It contains key technologies such as core injury mitigation, comprehensive analytical representations, regenerative actuation, adaptive sensing and control, and suit human-to-wearer interface.

Benefits to U.S. Soldiers!

  • Lower incidence and severity of fatigue and common musculoskeletal injuries incurred in the field
  • Enhanced physical endurance for Soldiers
  • Improved performance across a wide variety of missions

What’s next?  From TALOS to Iron Man?

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