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Protect Your Visitors, Protect Yourself with Secure Driver Access Cages

Safe & Secure | Warehouse Safety and Security Blog Series

Do you feel safety is an issue at your warehouse back door?

Are you interested in restricting access to your building and adding a layer of safety to your warehouse?
Then installing Driver and Building Access Cages may be the right solution for you.

Driver and Building Access Cages | Safe & Secure

Driver and Building Access Cages

Warehouses, distribution centers and especially shipping docks can be dangerous places, especially for people who aren’t familiar with your operation. Delivery drivers and visitors who use the back door pose a potential insurance liability. Whether a visitor is looking for somebody to sign paperwork, or simply looking for the restroom, if they are allowed to walk freely around the factory floor, they are at risk of walking into active forklift traffic or into automated machinery work cells.

Visitors should feel safe when they come to your facility and you should feel secure that your visitors will not inadvertently wander into harm’s way. That is why we offer Driver & Building Access Cages from WireCrafters. These access cages are a simple, cost-effective way to control access to distribution centers, buildings and factory floors.

“You need to control access to your warehouse to prevent an accident.”

“When a truck driver or delivery person comes in from off the street, they walk into a cage that restricts their access to a certain area,” says WireCrafters Vice President of Sales Milt Tandy. “It’s a good idea to have a system like this. Anybody can walk off the street and into your back door. You need to control access to your warehouse to prevent an accident.”

OSHA regulations specifically suggest that plants “Consider separating pedestrians from lift trucks by providing: pedestrian walkways, permanent railings or other protective barriers, adequate walking space at least on one side or pedestrian walkway striping on the floor, if barriers cannot be used.”

Driver & Building Access Cages are an easy to install, highly customizable solution that can help companies become OSHA-compliant. They will reduce potential insurance liability and also provide an additional level of security by restricting access to product on the floor.

Driver & building access cages are built to suit the application.

Typically, the Driver & Building Access Cages come furnished with a service window with a shelf to provide the driver with a counter to sign and pick up paperwork. They can be built free standing or anchored to existing building walls. For additional security, a ceiling panel made of the same heavy 10-gauge wire can be added to the access cage.

At American Warehouse Systems, warehouse safety is our number one priority.
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