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October 2013

Reverse Homecoming Surprise

Many returning military members make elaborate plans to surprise their families, but rarely do we see a family surprise a soldier.   Recently, the family of US Army Capt. Gerardo Garcia decided to surprise him during a segment on Good Morning America.  He thought he was going to be sending Christmas wishes to his fellow soldiers still serving overseas, but it turned into something incredible.  Check out the video to see the reunion! Thank you to Capt. Garcia and all the  men and women serving our great nation.  American Warehouse Systems is grateful for you and your sacrifices!  God Bless America!     Read more
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Special Ops - New Battle 'Under' Armor!

DARPA Warrior Web Project | Battle Under Armor Fatigue & Injury Risk On The Field Special Operations teams venture out carrying survival and tactical gear crucial to their life and successful operation.  The packs are in excess of 100 pounds or more and are carried over rough terrain for extended periods of time.  This additional weight can increase the risk of injury to the soldiers muscles and skeletal structure.  Most vulnerable are the joint areas such as ankles, knees, hips and lower back.  Exacerbated fatigue is also a common issue with the additional weight.  This can impair the Soldiers' physical and cognitive abilities during operations and increase the chance of injury. 'Under' Armor Developed By DARPA DARPA, a military organization dedicated to enhancing national security, has initiated the Warrior Web program. They've developed ... Read more
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Protect Your Visitors, Protect Yourself with Secure Driver Access Cages

Safe & Secure | Warehouse Safety and Security Blog Series Do you feel safety is an issue at your warehouse back door? Are you interested in restricting access to your building and adding a layer of safety to your warehouse? Then installing Driver and Building Access Cages may be the right solution for you. Warehouses, distribution centers and especially shipping docks can be dangerous places, especially for people who aren’t familiar with your operation. Delivery drivers and visitors who use the back door pose a potential insurance liability. Whether a visitor is looking for somebody to sign paperwork, or simply looking for the restroom, if they are allowed to walk freely around the factory floor, they are at risk of walking into active forklift traffic or into automated machinery work cells. Visitors should feel safe ... Read more

The Crusher - Not To Be Messed With!

The Crusher is a robotic vehicle designed for use by the United States Army.  It was developed to assist soldiers in dangerous situations, such as fire support, reconnaissance, medevac, or as a supply mule or a sentry.  The vehicle can take heavy fire without any damage, making it ideal for battle situations. Weighing in at 6 tons, the Crusher is a huge vehicle.  It is capable of traveling over rough terrain, raise and lower its own suspension, and turn 180 degrees in place.  It can carry up to 8,000 pounds of combined armor and cargo.  At its maximum speed, the Crusher can travel up to 26 miles an hour, but only for 7 seconds at a time. Check out the video to learn more about this ... Read more
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Salute to Women in the Material Handling Industry

MHWholesaler-Colleen   In the October issue of the Material Handling Wholesaler, there was a special focus given on successful women in the material handling industry.  Material handling has traditionally been a male-dominated industry, but women are quickly becoming very important members in the sector.  American Warehouse Systems is proud that a woman holds one of the top spots in our company, and we employ nearly as many women as men.  We believe that women are capable of providing vital contributions and are key to successful operations. Our Vice President of Operations is Colleen Blonigen, who has been with the company since its inception and has been a vital member of our organization.  As the VP of Operations, Colleen is responsible for many of the day-to-day tasks ... Read more
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