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September 2013

Soldier Surprises His Daughter at a Baseball Game

Specialist  Josh Young spent over 6 months in Afghanistan, and he spent the entire time missing his 8 year old daughter, Paula.  On July 4th, 2012, he returned home and surprised her during a minor league baseball game.  This video shows their emotional reunion. American Warehouse Systems would like to thank all of the men and women who are currently serving or have served our country.  We appreciate everything you do for us.  God Bless America! Read more
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12 Years Later

9-11_firefighters 12 years ago today, our nation was forever changed.  The actions of a few permanently affected the lives of millions.  Today, we reflect on that day and the days, weeks, and months that followed.  It's a time to remember the heroes that emerged that day - the firefighters, police officers, EMTS, and thousands of other volunteers who helped with the search and rescue.  Take some time out of your day to reflect on the thousands of innocent lives that were lost at the hands of others. Also take some time to remember that freedom isn't free.  We are privileged enough to have our freedoms thanks to the brave men and women who protect our nation on a daily basis.  This group of people includes all branches ... Read more
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Veteran Defends Himself - Don't Mess With Jon Lewis Alexander!

Jon Lewis Alexander is an honored veteran of four tours in Iraq, a 30-year military man, former prison guard, private investigator, professional extraditor of federal prisoners, and the proud owner of a Walther PPX 9 mm handgun. While working his regular shift at a liquor store in Missouri, his decades of training and expertise became necessary. A man pulled a gun and tried to rob Mr. Alexander, but he picked the wrong person to mess with! Mr. Alexander was armed with a Walther PPX 9 mm handgun, which he didn't hesitate to use in his own defense. The video shows the perp pulling his gun out to rob the store. Mr. Alexander, seasoned from many years of experience with thugs, in one fluid movement thwarts the ... Read more
Posted by Amber on September 5th, 2013 :: Filed under: Blog,Military