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July 25th, 2013

"Divots can be replaced. FREEDOM cannot." ™

American Warehouse Systems recognizes and supports Tee it up for the Troops for their efforts to honor the brave men and women who sacrifice their lives for our freedom and safety every day.  This is an organization that truly honors, respects, remembers and supports our brave members of the United States military. How It All Started  When a soldier who enlisted in the U.S. Army after September 11, 2001, was asked by his father what he needed, he replied by asking his father to do something to help the soldiers and their families back at home.  Tee it up for the Troops was created to honor the request of the son.  They serve to recognize the needs of our veterans who have served and continue ... Read more
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We All Make Mistakes

Pallet rack As humans, we all make mistakes.  It's in our nature to do so.  How a person  handles a mistake makes all the difference on the impact it will have.  At American Warehouse Systems, if we make a mistake, we do whatever is necessary to correct it as soon as we can.  Most times, the customer isn't even aware of it as we strive to make projects as smooth as possible for our customers. Sometimes, it's the customer who makes the mistake.  That was the case with a recent project we worked on.  A government customer contacted us and wanted to purchase some pallet rack.  They knew exactly what they needed, which should have made this a smooth process.  Unfortunately, once the material delivered and they ... Read more
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