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June 2013

Assembling and Installing RiveTier Boltless Shelving

RiveTier Shelving is the premier brand of boltless shelving and offers strong, heavy-duty and versatile storage.  The cost effective pricing makes it one of the most popular shelving products on the market today. The units are easy to assemble and only require two people and a rubber mallet.  Watch the video above to see how quick and easy it is! American Warehouse Systems has RiveTier IN STOCK in Minneapolis!  Contact us today to get your new shelving unit or to find out more about dealer pricing! Read more
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New "Smart Rifle" Has 1,000 Yard Range

Tracking Point, a company in Texas, has begun selling a new "smart rifle" that allows an inexperienced shooter to hit a target 1,000 yards away.  With a price tag of $27,500, the rifle has a scope allows the shooter to tag the target by marking a red dot on it within the crosshairs.  The rifle will only fire when the crosshairs on locked on the red dot, even when the safety is off and the trigger is pulled. While experienced snipers are often able to hit a target of 1,000 or more yards, this rifle is unique because the scope automatically accounts for distance, gravity, wind speed, humidity and other variables that can affect a shot.  This makes it an extremely accurate weapon. The rifle ... Read more
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One Project - One Vendor

American Warehouse Systems has the capability and experience to provide our clients with complete engineered material handling systems. Engineered systems can be integrated with many options based on the scope of work.  We offer such a wide variety of products and services, you won't need to go anywhere else to finish your project. We specialize in providing complete solutions for your project: from lighting, fire sprinklers, electrical systems, mechanical, automation to concrete floor supports.  We can also provide the experienced installation crews to finish the job. Contact American Warehouse Systems today to find out how we can help you! Consulting | Design | Engineering | Fabrication | Installation Read more
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D-Day Anniversary

On June 6, 1944 the Allied troops stormed a 50-mile stretch of heavily guarded French coastline.  The goal of the highly complex mission involving 160,000 troops was to gain a foothold in Europe to fight against Hitler's Nazi forces.  5,000 ships and 13,000 aircraft supported the mission.  By the end of the first day of the invasion, the Allied troops had already made a significant impact in Europe. The Allied forces put a lot of work into deceiving Hitler.  The Allies tricked Hitler into believing that the Allies were going to use Normandy as a diversion, while the real target would be the Strait of Dover.  Because Hitler believed this, he refused to send reinforcements into Normandy, which ultimately led to the Allied forces gaining ... Read more
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