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Have You Considered Making Your Storage Vertical?


  • Take two and call me in the morning
Do you have a warehouse that is overloaded with too many SKUs of very small parts?  We have solutions for you!  One option might be to consider vertical storage.

Look up!  Do you have high ceilings?   These are two of the parameters that would need to be considered when looking to change your storage from horizontal to vertical. A medical supply company in Minnesota was recently up against this situation and came to us for help.


  • Go vertical
American Warehouse Systems visited the customer’s warehouse to evaluate their current storage.  We determined that the best solution would be to install 3 separate Vertical Lift Module units to accommodate their current inventory and what they are forecasting for growth. The Vertical Lift Module uses an interior extractor that locates and stores trays within two enclosed towers. With the computer software, they are able to interface with the current WMS and have better control of the inventory.


  • Room to move
With the VLM units, the medical supply company was able to free up over 1,500 square feet, reorganize and consolidate their storage area and control their inventory.  The systems were installed and set up with little obstruction to their daily work flow.  Within a few days the systems were ready for the inventory to be loaded put into use, just in time to  show the system off to their Board of Directors.


Do you have a storage problem that you just can’t seem to solve?  Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you with a solution!

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