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Meal, Ready to Eat

MRE contentsYou may have heard of MREs, or Meals Ready-to-Eat.  The most frequent users of MREs are members of the military, who eat them while deployed.  They are ideal because they take up very little space and last several years before spoiling.

The food is all pre-cooked, put into a plastic pouch, and the pouch is sealed.  Once it’s sealed, it’s heated for sterilization purposes.  Because the food has been sealed and heated, bacteria cannot get in and spoil the food.

Each MRE provides around 1,200 calories and can be eaten for up to 21 days straight.  They may not be the most ideal meals, but they do provide nutrition when traditional eating facilities are unavailable.

The photo above illustrates what a typical MRE looks like.  Each pack will generally contain the following items:  entrée, side dish, dessert or snack, crackers or bread, a spread of peanut butter or jelly, a powdered beverage mix, utensils, flameless ration heater, beverage mixing bag, and an accessory pack (Xylitol chewing gum, matchbook, napkin/toilet paper, moist towelette, and seasonings).

American Warehouse Systems is proud to support our military.  Thanks for stopping by our blog!

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