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Marines Volunteer at Cinderella Ball

The House, Inc Student Leadership Center in Virginia has made it a point to host a yearly prom for those students who are disabled or are fighting life threatening illnesses.  Called A Cinderella Ball, it provides a unique opportunity for students who are often sidelined in social activities to have their very own fairy tale.

This past year, 40 United States Marines from nearby Quantico Marine Base volunteered to escort the guests into the dance and provide a ceremonial sword arch.  This undoubtedly made the night that much more special for the kids who attended.

This is just another way our service men and women go above and beyond their call of duty, all in the name of helping others.  American Warehouse Systems is so proud of the Armed Forces for all they do.  God Bless America!

Posted by on March 28th, 2013 :: Filed under: Blog,Military