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M50 Reising Submachine Gun

M50 Reising Submachine GunThe M50 Reising was a submachine gun that was manufactured and used during WWII.  It was primarily used by the Navy, Marines, and the Coast Guard, although some M50s were shipped to the allied forces to fight against the Axis powers.

This weapon was designed as a compact lightweight semi-automatic carbine that was also capable of fully automatic fire.  When on fully-automatic mode, the M50 could fire 750 rounds per minute.  It was issued to the military as an alternative to the Thompson submachine gun, which was heavier and much more expensive.

The M50 was quite accurate due to its better stock fit and intricate closed bolt, delayed blowback design.  However, the firepower was limited due to the 20-round capacity of its largest magazine.

The weapon was originally designed for police use, therefore making it unsuitable for the harsh conditions the military faced during WWII.  The sand and saltwater made it very difficult to keep the weapon clean and it was prone to jamming.  After a few years in service and numerous complaints from Marines, the M50 was pulled from service.

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