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High Density Storage Solution for Low-Ceiling Medical Warehouse

VA Medical Center - Pick Racking

• Government Medical Center warehouse with low ceiling height
• Needing to store several hundred pallets with manual carton picking

A Government Medical Center recently contacted us for some help with a storage problem. They had very low ceiling heights in the warehouse and needed to store several hundred pallets. Along with the pallet storage, they also requested an area for manual carton picking.

Due to low ceiling heights, they had no clear-cut solution to their problem. Fortunately, this is exactly the type of project American Warehouse Systems loves to take on.

Carton Flow, Pallet Flow and Push Back Racking to provide High Density Storage
• Providing ability to manage inventory with designated shelf life, reduce inaccuracies in shipping, and shorter shipping lead times

American Warehouse Systems created a solution that separated the warehouse into 3 areas. This organization allowed them to manage inventory that has a designated shelf life, reduce inaccuracies in shipping, and allow a shorter lead time to get materials to other medical facilities.

Installation would take place in two phases, allowing the customer to move current stock and keep the warehouse functioning with minimal disruption. The customer was very pleased with what American Warehouse Systems had to offer and gave us the go-ahead to begin.

• Organized stock, efficient Pick and Ship capabilities and First-In/First-Out (FIFO) stock rotation

The main aisle in the warehouse has one level of pallet flow with five levels of carton flow below. The center aisle has two levels of pallet flow with the back section having two levels of push back.

The carton flow provides the customer with accurate picking and inventory control. The pallet flow allows them the ability to keep inventory current by presenting the oldest inventory at the pick face first. The push back rack provides storage for over stock and slow moving inventory.

The project was a success and the Medical Center is extremely pleased with the outcome. Contact us today to find out how we can create a solution for you!

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