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Advanced Bomb Suits: Saving Lives Everyday

EOD bomb suitIf you’ve seen any recent movies about the military or wars, you’ve probably seen the Advanced Bomb Suit (ABS).  The ABS is a full body protective ensemble that shields its user from threats associated with disassembling IEDs.  The most common user is the Explosive Ordinance Disposal team, which specializes in assessing and neutralizing highly explosive devices.  The suit can protect against fragmentation, blast overpressure, impact, heat and flame.

The Advanced Bomb Suit is constructed from Kevlar and includes a jacket, crotchless trousers, groin cup, and rigid ballistic panels.  Protection is provided at various levels based on injury susceptibility.  This allows the suit to be lighter and have maximum flexibility.

The helmet offers protection against fragments with velocities of over 683 m/s.  It is ergonomic, allowing for ease of movement and good visibility without neck strain.  It includes a removable visor, which is fully laminated acrylic and polycarbonate.  The helmet also incorporates a microphone, speakers, and a forced air ventilation system.  This allows the soldier to communicate with his superiors and breathe clean air.

The ABS offers a cooling system for use in hot environments and includes a water reservoir.  The outer material is constructed from flame retardant material, protecting the soldier from burns.  The suit contains lightweight, removable composite ballistic panels fitted to the suit to protect the upper torso, neck, shoulders, arms and legs.  Additionally, the bomb suit utilizes an articulated spine protector which prevents injury due to differential acceleration.

American Warehouse Systems is proud to support our military.  God Bless America!

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